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20 in 2020 Bucket List

Social Distancing from our loved ones is hard. I miss everyone so much and there is very little that can be done about it. We've just got to sit and wait...

It is important to stay optimistic during these difficult and uncertain times. To help me remain positive and think about life after lockdown, my boyfriend and I have come up with twenty things we would like to do in 2020. We aren't isolating together so we have put everything and anything on this list from days out to making homemade pizzas!

I ordered a small A5 scrapbook from Doodledah to document and store all of the keepsakes and pictures from our adventures! I am hoping to purchase a HP Sprocket so that I can instantly print photographs from my phone as well as utilizing my Instax Mini 8. I also wanted to have a a personalised inside cover which clarifies what our little book is all about! I ordered mine from Boards by Jess as I love her work and have previously purchased from Jess before! To say the least, it is absolutely stunning!

Without further a do - here's our list (in no particular order):

1. Day at Alton Towers

2. Homemade Pizzas from scratch

3. Dog Walk and Pub Stop

4. Long Bike Ride

5. Learn Guitar Together

6. Visit the Zoo

7. IKEA Trip (meatballs included)

8. Pumpkin Patch

9. Attend a Fireworks Display

10. Go to an Ice Hockey Match

11. Shopping at Bicester Village

12. Make Milkshakes Together

13. Movie Night - watch Cool Runnings (can you believe Harry hasn't watched this?)

14. Cosy Evening Outside with Toasted Marshmallows

15. Game of Mini Golf / Go to the Driving Range

16. Go for a Picnic

17. Strawberry Picking and Tasting!

18. Breakfast Date

19. Some sort of Holiday/ Weekend Away

20. Visit a Christmas Market

I have really found that it is the little things I miss the most so there is a variety on our list, I'm still not even sure whether some things will be possible this year but I am trying to remain hopeful.

What are your plans for 2020? Is there anything in particular that you'd like to achieve once lockdown is over? I know that many people have had to change their plans due to the current pandemic as nobody expected to have their freedom in 2020 cut short. Time is precious as it is so we need to make sure we enjoy it!

I cannot wait to hear about all of your plans and ideas, I am hoping to do another blog post later in the year to see how we get on - keep your eyes peeled!


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