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21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Hello again, it's me, Cara. I thought I would share with you some gift ideas based on presents I purchased for my friends twenty first birthday!

Now I know a lockdown birthday isn't ideal but I wanted to make sure that it was still slightly special. I dropped the presents on her doorstep and walked away before texting to say open your front door! Here's the final result...

My favourite thing to do when buying presents is to have one main gift and then some smaller gifts which I suppose are the equivalent to 'stocking fillers' at Christmas. I always find that chocolate and sweets work well, it's always nice to have lots to open, even if it is just something like their favourite chocolate bar. These are vegan friendly!

I opted for items that I could mostly get on our online food shopping due to the current circumstances, I would normally prefer to shop around. At the moment, timing is also key- postage is currently slower and due to ordering early, I managed to get products delivered separately from two different supermarkets (currently having to swap supermarkets to get a weekly delivery). My advice would be plan ahead when possible.

I managed to find a colourful flamingo gin glass and well... I couldn't get a gin glass with out a drink to put in it, could I? So I chose a miniature bottle of pink grapefruit gin and a flamingo cocktail to match the design on the glass. I find it great when things come together and coordinate, it really shows the thought that has gone into selecting the present.

Then onto more of a sentimental gift, personally this type of present is my favourite, a picture frame complete with a throwback photograph of the two of us together! We have been friends since high school but distanced as teenage girls do but then life brought us back together and I am so grateful.

Last but not least is the main present, the one that eats up most of your budget. This is often a present that it well thought out, one that you know will be useful and come in handy! I decided to get something that I knew my friend would definitely use, some running shorts from Tikiboo in the 'Cool Constellations' design, there are so many bright and colourful designs to choose from - perfect for any fitness instructor or gym enthusiast. I really want to order some for myself now too!

I popped everything together in a few gift bags, some things I wrapped individually and others I wrapped in tissue paper for a bit of variety. As it was a birthday that would be spent at home, I also put some balloons in the gift bag and party poppers hoping to bring the party with the gifts.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this! Gifts and Wrapping is always something I love to do, it was fun talking you through my thought processes and sharing the final results with you.

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