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Daily Skincare Routine

Something I have really had time for since lockdown is my skincare, I have even managed the odd facemask here and there.

I have never had perfect skin but it is really worth while investing in products that work for you. So today, I thought I would share with you my daily routine:

1. Facial Wash

To begin, wash your hands and then fill the sink with warm water. Rinse your face before applying a small amount of facial wash to your finger. Using small circular motions apply the product to your face and massage across the surface of the skin, causing it to lather slightly. Once you have covered your whole face, wash off with clean water which will leave you feeling refreshed.

2. Micellar Water

Micellar water is probably more of an optional step here, however I like to use this to ensure that I pick up any dirt or grime that may have been missed when using the facial wash. My chosen technique is applying generously to a cotton pad before gliding across all areas of my face.

3. Cleansing Lotion

I prefer to use this cleansing lotion this does not require washing off so is a quick and easy step for those busy mornings! I add a small amount onto a cotton pad before applying to the face.

I find that cleanser is good for targeting the t-zone as well as the hair line where where makeup tends to gather and clog up those pores.

3. Toner

I really feel like I misunderstood the benefits of using a toner when I was a teenager and have only started using it as I entered my twenties. Toner is another good product for removing excess residue from the face. The application is very similar to micellar water - soak onto a cotton pad before sweeping across the face as well as working your way down towards the neck.

4. Moisturiser

Finally it is time to moisturise. This has always been important to me as I have been prone to have dry skin. Having a regular routine has helped me eliminate this. I like to squeeze a small blob of moisturiser on the back of my hand before transferring to my face, again using my finger to apply in small circular motions from my hairline all the way down to my neck.

As you can see from the pictures throughout, my chosen products are all from the Simple range. I find it a wonderful brand to use and one that works for me. It is great for both normal and dry skin as well as being very affordable and widely available.

I know everyone has different preferences and skincare can be a tricky thing to get right but this might be a good starting point if you're feeling overwhelmed by the options out there or even if you are just wanting to try something new.


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