• Cara


Hi Everyone and welcome to my first post!

As I am not quite sure who is going to be reading this, I thought it would be best to do a brief post to introduce myself… so I’m Cara, I am 21 and I have never blogged before – so why now?

I’m sure most people in the UK are currently feeling slightly overwhelmed with the prospect of a long isolation period with limited interaction due to the ongoing pandemic – I thought I would use my spare time wisely and set up a blog- so here we are.

It is important to keep in touch with loved ones in times like these and I wanted to set up my own platform where I might be able to help someone out, even if it is just one or two people.

I am going to use my blog to share day to day life, my love for buying gifts as well as wrapping them and my travel aspirations along with anything else you might find interesting.

So that’s it from me for tonight, I hope you’ll stick with me for my blogging adventure!


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